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Red de Pueblos Trasnacionales

Trasnational Villages Network

Foto: Pablo Alonso

Foto: Pablo Alonso


A short background

Cultural and social discrimination are a constant among indigenous communities living in New York City.

Many of us keep our identity in the shadows and struggle to adapt to a system that is not ours. From language to access to cultural spaces, there is an invisible but damaging gap that is constantly restricting our access to the most basic rights such as safety, health and work.

According to the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the majority new immigrant populations coming to NY from the Americas have indigenous background, and there are very little services that consider this.


What is the Red de Pueblos Trasnacionales?

Trasnational Villages Network/Red de Pueblos Trasnacionales (RPT) is a grassroots network of Native-American, indigenous and rural immigrant groups living in New York City working to advance cultural, social and economic inclusion, recognition and rights.

We envision cities where all communities are welcome, included and represented at all levels and with access to all rights, regardless of class, gender, ethnicity or immigration status.

Foto: Danza Raíces Teopantlán / Enalce Teopantlán.


Our History

The Trasnational Villages Network / Red de Pueblos Trasnacionales (RPT) results after 17 years of work, that started in communities of origin in Mexico and reached the US in 2017.

RPT’s organizing model is inspired by the organizing traditions from indigenous communities, including electing coordinating committees that voluntarily work for a period of time representing the interest of the community. Each group has its own governing guidelines and once a year all groups elect the Community Organizing board of the RPT.