Red de Pueblos Trasnacionales

“Building bridges, sharing our cultures, demanding our rights.”

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About us

Red de Pueblos Trasnacionales is a New York City-based network of community groups formed and led by immigrants from Mexican rural and indigenous communities, with the mission of advancing social, economic and cultural inclusion, as well as full access to rights through transnational education, organizing, advocacy, and activism.

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Escuela por la Paz, la Salud y la Justicia.

We organize the Escuela para la Paz, la Salud y la Justicia to use popular education to bring back our traditional knowledge, share it with new and old generations, and complement it with new relevant information to live better lives in the United States.

The School is constituted by two main thematic areas in the various workshops and activities are grouped. These are “Indigenous Fashion and textiles” and “Culture: our traditions, our rights”.

Indigenous Fashion, and Textiles

This area is focused on the development of capacities of the indigenous migrant population. The main focus is to recover their knowledge, culture, traditions, and skills to produce textiles. This is an eight sessions workshop -six hours each- plus a fashion market of the manufactured products.

Culture: Our traditions, our rights

The second area include twenty sessions focus on three main goals: promote the artistic and culinary traditions of the network members, develop leadership and community organizer capabilities and train the population on the knowledge of their rights.

Foto: Fernando Valencia.

Foto: Fernando Valencia.

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Tlan, a Nahuatl suffix, meaning "land of" or "place of"


Celebrating contemporary indigenous cultures living in NYC!

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Once a year, we co-organize the NewYorkTlan Festival, NYC's largest celebration of contemporary indigenous culture in New York. As well as the Mexico-Us Conference to promote indigenous voices and ideas in the debate for Social Justice.

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